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BGJ.com is One Year old

So, it's finally here! We made it! It's our 1 year anniversary of the launch of the greatest website known to earth! BadGirlJones.com is officially ONE YEAR OLD!!!!! I can't believe the success of this site so far! It was slow growing at first, but I have such an amazing group of loyal buddies on here that it quickly exceeded my expectations! Many of you very much helped it move along by relentlessly promoting BGJ.com! I can't thank ya'all enough! It's truly been a team effort! There aren't enough words of gratitude in the English language to fully show my appreciation for all that y'all have done for me and for BGJ.com! This whole month, I've cried tears of joy regularly (about once a week) over the patience, appreciation & loyalty you have all shown me this year for BGJ.com, and for many of you, over the past decade in general!

Yep, that's right... one whole decade! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Wow, time really does fly when you're having fun! I've been doing the same thing, with the same exact look for 10 whole years and y'all aren't tired of me yet????????? I must be the luckiest girl in the world! Damn near close, if not numero uno! Maybe a tie? Yet I can't even come up with one other person who has it better than me. I really can't. I would change lives with no one.

Now, everyone knows I'm a huge advocate for lesbian porn being seen as 'real porn'. When I started, we had 1 award that was all ours at the award shows. One! I went half of my career, begging the award shows to notice us; to give us the recognition we deserve. And now we finally have our own POTY award, as well as several others. But everyone knows I still get a little agitated when people try to tell me "oh you should be PROUD that you've never taken dick on camera..". To be quite frank, this pisses me off to no end because lesbian porn IS STILL PORN. I'm still swallowing the cum of a stranger who I only know by a fictitious name. I'm still judged by a huge portion of the country/world. I'm still disrespected on the regular from every 3rd random person who thinks my job isn't a 'real job' or is 'degrading'. My knees still cry at night. I still wear the permanent Scarlet P. I still cringe at the thought of my baby nephews growing up in a world where people pick on them because they are related to a sex worker. But I do it because I love it. No matter what, through all the ups and downs in 10yrs, it's still so worth it!

I will be the first to admit that I prefer working with girls who do b/g over girls who only do g/g. Simply because they dive straight in. Face first into my vagina; it's so hot. And honestly, they just eat better pussy in general. I'm not saying I don't like working with g/g only girls or that this is the case every single time (definitely not).. I'm just saying, in 10yrs, my experience is that the b/g girls do it better. And they are more relaxed about sex, for the most part.

ALL of that being said, I would like to point out one thing that does make me proud to still be a lesbian only performer. It has nothing to do with dick. Literally, not one thing to do with dick. It has to do with the fact that 10yrs ago, when I started this venture, anyone and everyone kept telling me that this here that I'm living daily couldn't be done. I heard it all... "You won't be able to make a career out of only g/g", "You will need to start b/g eventually in order to pay the bills", "You don't honestly think you'll be able to continue working forever only doing g/g, right?", and my personal favorite "I can't wait until you start doing b/g and we can REALLY get off to you".

The bottom line being that half of all directors and photographers I'd shot for in the beginning were completely under the assumption that it just couldn't be done, was fuel to my will. Call me a Rebel, but it definitely changed my priorities. When I first started, I started out slow but it was a career move. It wasn't because I was afraid or a prude.. far from it! I had goals... dreams! I wanted to extend my career for as long as I could. Then, at a certain point I realized that I'd been told so many times what I HAD to do because what I WAS doing wasn't gonna work. I lost all interest in doing b/g and g/g became my entire world. I started really putting my soul into my lesbian scenes. I had a new purpose, as well as, something to prove. It's almost like I felt lesbian porn needed a hero. I needed to be the lesbian porno Barbara Palmer. Or better yet, Mary Wollstonecraft. I wanted nothing more than to show it can be done; and SHOULD be. I was the girl's girl. I am the woman's woman. I need no penis to make me desirable and worthy.

Anyway... All I'm saying is that I am so belated to have accomplished so many things recently. The end of this year & beginning of the new one has been and is such a time for celebration! So many amazing things happening in the world of the Bad Girl. I'm living a dream. I wake up every morning still confused that this crazy amazing world is actually my reality. I'm really living this. And I couldn't have done any of it without y'all!!!! So Thank You!!! I can't wait for 10 more years of this incredible feeling.


Congrats GJ .. you are an amazing performer and here's to another decade .. cheers
Congratulations on all your devoted & Sensual work for your fans over the past decade!! You have proven to be an Industry Stalwart for Lesbian Porn and many many in the industry recognize that!! As do your loyal fans!! Can't wait for more growing success in the next decade for you and your BadgirlJones Site!! All the best in 2017 and the future Georgia!!!
The people may think with the sentence: "oh you should be PROUD that you've never taken dick on camera " that you should not make a B / G scene, because they do not want to see you fucked by a few group black people with long fat cocks! That would destroy their fantasies about You! (It's just a guess, but I'm not sure) But it can be the way you said: that you would not make real porn or lesbian porn are not real porn! It is super that you can be yourself in your profession and do what you like! You are really happy and have fun in your job. Is really nice to look at it To the other sentence: "I'm still judged by a huge portion of the country / world." These people will continue to discriminate and discourage you (because you are a porn star), you can be sure! This is unfortunately so, and you can also do nothing real (except ignoring maybe)! unfortunately it is cultural policy and religion-related! I'm sorry for you, that's really shit I know I find it great that you remain faithful to your goals and work hard for it Wishing you good luck, fame & success for your future career, hopefully you will be even more successful than now. PS: Thank you for keeping our cocks hard and the pussies wet
Almost forgotten Emmm no We're not tired of you, you're still incredibly sexy
Hi Georgia, I love that you are so proud of your gg/lesbian work - you absolutely should be ! For people who love gg erotic film because it opens up areas of sensuality, desire and, yes, love that you can't find in bg, you have been an absolute star since the beginning. You should be very proud, and it is great that at this point you feel such an accomplishment. Be proud ! What I love is not only the amazing work you do in your performances, but the fact that you use it to open up our sense of sexuality/identity. I am sure that you are a beacon for girls who want to explore their sexuality and open up to the feelings towards other women- you have never been afraid to open up about some aspects of your personal life that have an input to your erotic work. I really hope that you can develop this site even further - it would be wonderful if you could create more original work with your favourite performers, and maybe find some new girls who want to work in the same way that you do. I know that it is difficult because of costs and time, but perhaps you could sometimes ask for extra subscriptions to help make it happen. Just a thought. Have look at some of the crowdfunding schemes, for instance. With much love, admiration and anticipation. hb