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Loving Myself
Okay, I've already addressed this but apparently it needs to be hashed out again. Yes, I have gained weight. A LOT of weight if you consider the fact that I've been around 100lbs most of my career; which if you really think about it is severely underweight for my height (5'7"). However, that's just the way it was. And with that I've always been treated like a 12yrold.

Now, I've gained weight and FINALLY fill out clothing and FINALLY feel weight appropriate to my age (I'm almost 30).

For once, I FINALLY have tits and an ass!

And even more so, I FEEL FUCKIN AMAZING! I love myself! I love the way I look! I love having a body that bounces when I walk! And most of you get that, understand that... but then there's the few that just won't leave it alone. They feel the need to tell a woman what to do with her body... HER BODY.

In case y'all didn't know, women come in all shapes & sizes... and for all different types of reasons. No, I haven't been overeating ... No, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I have been taking care of myself.

Why don't you try not mansplaining a woman's body to a woman for once and just enjoy it as it is.

Just because I don't look like I'm 12 anymore doesn't mean I'm not an extremely sexual being. There are PLENTY of men and women who see me for who I still am and especially now that I have a body that matches my prowess.

I finally feel like a woman. So you can quite frankly fuck off if you don't like my tits and ass!

And on another note:

Body shaming on ANY level is downright repulsive. I'd like for you to look in the mirror and tell me you're 100% happy with how you look and then put it all over the internet for people to jack off to, since the day you turned 18.... tell me how it feels to literally grow up before the world's every judging eyes.

And just for a bit more clarification, my weight gain was because I tried a new birth control. It made me gain 37 lbs and get acne everywhere (face, neck, back, etc).... not to mention the 24/7 PMS and non-stop bleeding.

Why don't y'all try that for a change?

Oh that's right , the men's birth control study ended early bc all the men dropped out immediately upon feeling the slightest of those symptoms. Yet the term pussy is used to mean weak. Hmmmmm ok


I'm happy you're happy with who you are! I'm attracted to confident, strong women, and you don't take any shit! My gawd, the shit beautiful women put up with on the internet...